GoDaddy is without a doubt the most frustrating part of this job.

I am attempting to change DNS entries for sites hosted on Amazon Web Services.  No small feat in and of itself, GoDaddy and AWS are competitors and it’s like the VHS vs Beta wars of the 80’s.  Or possibly akin to Adobe Flash vs. everyone on the planet.

So here I am, struggling to understand why one domain accepts the CNAME record for AWS and propagates it while the other, accepts the CNAME and will not propagate it.  With the exception of the IP addresses and the CNAME text, the records appear identical.  The only contributing factor that might explain it is that the two domains have been assigned different Nameservers by GoDaddy. Shouldn’t be a problem, but you never know. 

So, it’s of to one of my least favorite spots, the “Help” chat.  That’s when I realize that for some reason known only to the GoDaddy servers, Ohio has been magically transported to India and I can only get the Indian site – –   So I begin my chat with “How can I get off the India site and back to the US?”   The wonderful, helpful person provides me a link to a tutorial to read on how to change language and currency option.  The link is not set to open in a new tab, so clicking on it from the chat box exits the GoDaddy site and takes me to a wonderful tutorial in Indian.  A click on Google translate and I finally find out it’s a selection buried in the GoDaddy footer.  The perfect place to hide something because nobody scrolls past all the graphics and useless text when they just want to change DNS entries.  – Side Note – the footer is not available from the DNS management screen, only the home page.

Well, now I’m back in the USA and my CNAME still doesn’t work.  I’ll probably spend the better part of the day trying to sort this one out.

Stay tuned for more fun and games!