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Web design and development is more than just plugging in content to a template.  It’s building a site to reflect the needs and wants of the individual. It’s attention to detail. Things like proper grammar, spelling and punctuation are lost in today’s online world.  Too much emphasis is placed on automated checkers.  Only human intervention provides the environment for success.

It also means support after the site is made. Real people that can handle real problems. We offer an extended support agreement to keep websites up to date and secure. The maintenance subscription is available for both new, and existing sites.

That’s why we are here. We begin by listening to the needs of the customer and tailoring a solution to fit the need. There is no “cookie cutter” solution for design, development, and maintenance, and you should not accept that.

Welcome the the old school way of doing modern technology.

Customer Service Requires Serviceable Customers
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Is your site secure and functional?
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“Hey can I pick your brain on something?”
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The continuing saga of dealing with Godaddy Hosting
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